Family Buffet Golden Corral

So I’ve never been inside the Golden Corral and before moving to El Paso I’ve never even heard of them. When we were in lockdown I really enjoyed their generous meals and low prices, so now that it’s open we figured we’d try out the buffet.

Some notes:
-juices and chocolate milk comes with the meals so no need for soda in the future.
-they have barbacoa and menudo (super salty menudo though), which is a first for a buffet I’ve seen.
-it was sparse when we came but got pretty busy towards lunch.
-the kids loved it especially since they could have dessert for breakfast.
-they were constantly cleaning and you needed disposable gloves to use the tongs to pickup food.

I like buffets because it makes it easier to accommodate everyone, in fact, we had our wedding dinner at a Vegas buffet to make it easier for ourselves and everyone loved it. Golden Corral is definitely a buffet that has a little something for everyone. We’ll be back should we be stumped for food in the future. I think if you download the app you also get $5 off $25 but it’s pretty inexpensive for the sheer amount of variety and food you get. We like that locals own and operate them as well so come out and #supportlocal

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
(915) 833-8337
7420 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912

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