A Fun Time…With a Twist

I recently celebrated my sister in law’s 21st birthday (a couple of decades late, cough, cough). She wanted to do an activity that would involve all the adult women in the family and we decided on an escape room. I heard about the newest one, Twisted Time, and it had a Dracula theme, which I thought was perfect for the season. I went ahead and booked it for Sat. at 6pm because the other times were taken. They book the room for about 1.5 hours apart to let you do the room and then reset everything. It’s about $26 per person depending on the size of the group.

John the owner was so sweet and was readily available to answer any questions or concerns I had since I had never done an escape room before. I’ve been given chances but I personally hate timed events and the idea of the experience of counting down sounded really stressful to me. He was reassuring though, stating that you can leave anytime you want, that it should be fun, not stressful, and most importantly, there were no jump scares. I went thru too many Knotts Scary Farm Media Previews to go through that again.

We were a group of 7 and it’s recommended that it be 6 or less to the Dracula room because it can get crowded, but we told him that our mother in law probably won’t be playing but observing as she just wanted to come out with us for support. We were all newbs except for one cousin who just did her 1st escape room 2 weeks ago so she was fairly fresh as well.

I took a lot of pictures and videos, but because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, I will only post the ones that aren’t going to do any harm. Same with the review. I’ll be as general as possible to not ruin any surprises or give away any clues. What I’ll do is outline the experience.

You arrive at Twisted Time which is hidden (Waze will mislead you, use Google Maps and put in Pockets Billiards instead) it will be to the right. Be early as you want to start on time since it gets busy and being late will throw off the schedules for the rest of the day. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, you’ll be squatting, reaching and walking back and forth a lot. Know the rules, listen to them carefully and don’t be so hard on the items when you’re interacting.

They’ll greet you in the front lobby and there’s an amazing hand spray-painted mural by a local artist. It looks 3D and the lines are so clean you wouldn’t think it came from a spray can. Ask them about it if you have time to kill. Use the gender neutral bathrooms. Then you’ll be walked down a hallway and shown 2 videos, one is with the rules (60 minutes, you’re free to leave at any time, be gentle with the items, no locks, and hints are allowed).

The 2nd video is the storyline as to why you’re there, what your purpose is in the room, and how long you have. You then are escorted into the room and it is ON! The room is so exquisitely detailed and Bram Stoker’s Dracula and (laugh if you must) Van Helsing are some of my favorite movies and I felt like I stepped into a period drama. Don’t miss the details as they add to the experience and can help you move to the next clue.

We used the clue button 3 times towards the end as it started to get more stressful with time running out. At one point, we thought we would lose with less than 55 seconds on the clock and we dropped a vital item and one of us groped for it in the dark floor and we ended up finding and using it and winning with 33 seconds to spare!

I highly recommend this room for bonding, teamwork building, and just pure geekiness over gothic horror. Too little a team or too big a team might impede your progress, so I think 4-6 would be a great sized group, but they can accommodate as needed. This is perfect for date nights, birthdays, actually anything that gets people interacting (especially after Covid) and aren’t jumpy scary as the mazes and haunted houses that pop up this time of year. Also, is a bigger value of time vs cost, it’s an HOUR. Do what we did, do the room, get food and discuss the amazing details and incredible clues after! Heck, I’d do it again, just to see the details up close again, the end was a bit rushed as we were scrambling to solve it before time ran out. Come out and try it for yourself!

Twisted Time Escape Rooms
4009 N Mesa St Suite B, El Paso, TX 79902

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