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Hey Parents,

If you’re looking for afterschool activities that will engage your kids and not only will they have fun, but also learn as well, I highly recommend Snapology and Young Rembrandts.

I really like Snapology and my kids love it because it’s STEM based Legos and Robotics combined. They love building and coding and they’re having fun learning concepts like motion, circuitry, and AI.

Young Rembrandts has helped my kids handwriting and hand eye coordination control immensely. It’s instructor led art classes and they teach them fundamental concepts in an engaging way.

Both classes are what my kids takes on different days and we love it. It hits both STEM/science and Arts.

It’s offered through our elementary school and my kids love it. I had to advocate to get Snapology into our school, but Young Rembrandts was already there. It’s also a great way to avoid the afterschool pickup lines as they go straight to the classroom in their school. I love that I don’t have to drive them to another location.

If you want afterschool programs like Snapology and Young Rembrandts in your school, your principal has to approve and invite them in, but you can advocate for that like I did.

Contact @snapologyep and @youngrembrandtselpasolascruces if you’re interested in getting them into your elementary schools, if they aren’t there yet. If they are, sign up quickly when they open up as the classes get full quickly! Have a great school year everyone!

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