Amazing Sushi from Aki

Saw an ad for B1G1 at Aki Sushi and jumped on it. Not only do they have the freshest fish in El Paso, since they regularly fly it in, but their presentations are some of the prettiest. 🤑

I took my mother in law for lunch and they were finally open. Their hours changed after they closed for a bit and then reopened so this is my 3rd try. Third time’s the charm it seems because the main chef was there and they had tuna belly and uni as specials! 🍱

My mother in law doesn’t eat raw fish, but she loves fried rolls, and Aki has them too! I love the variety of fish they have and the lunch specials are super generous as well. Too generous for my mother in law apparently because she doesn’t use chopsticks. The rolls are really wide, as wide as a Ritz cracker and unwieldy to eat. 🥢

Other than the size, which is a matter of preference, I can’t fault anything. The fish was unbelievably fresh and melts in your mouth especially the sashimi. They don’t oversauce like a lot of places to hide the quality of the fish or the serving sizes. More importantly the rolls stayed wrapped and the sushi rice was perfect it didn’t fall apart. Seriously look at the rice to fish ratio here! 🍣

The service was wonderful, Saul really took care of us and checked up throughout our meal. He also accepted the coupon without any issues and didn’t make us feel ashamed for using it. It’s so important that the servers understand that marketing is bringing people in and to not shame them for utilizing specials, especially in a classier environment, so kudos to Aki for making us feel very welcome. 💓

This is a steal of a deal if you’re able to find that ad and take advantage. We really enjoy Aki Sushi, from the service to the food, and I’m so happy that they’re open and better than ever! 🤗

(915) 760-8888
145 E Sunset Rd A-100, El Paso, TX 79922

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