Asian (Food) Invasion?

Delicious changes are coming….and I wanted to repost this as I pretty much called it last year.

I was driving down Mesa today coming back from an awesome lunch at Tuscan Cattle and buying some meat for shabu shabu and pho, and a sign caught my eye, I did a double take since it’s in El Paso and not Rowland Heights!

It translates roughly to “hand caught seafood” in Mandarin and is the signage for a new Cajun Crab House. Also across the street is Love Pho, getting ready to open soon, and owned by the same person that owns Saigon Market. I’m excited for these as well as the other new Pho place opening soon down the street in the Hobby Lobby parking lot.

It reminded me that changes are coming to El Paso with hopefully all the new authentic boba shops, pho places, Korean bbq, Chinese hotpot, Asian seafood, and foot massage/reflexology, other Asian dominant areas are known for. More investment and small businesses keep the local economy thriving and vibrant. The added bonus of me not having to make my favorite foods at home is also pretty awesome.

I’m excited to see what the new year brings…

Posted earlier this year:

Most people ask me: Why do you want to stay in El Paso?

I grew up in San Gabriel Valley (48 sub asian groups) and saw what JIT (Just In Time Manufacturing) did to the area. It BOOMED. COVID broke JIT and the new buzz term is supply-chain localization. Been researching all during 2020 and it’s now panning out in 2021.
This is exciting for El Paso….do you know why?
The Biden administration has ordered a review of U.S. supply chains, with the objective of decreasing American dependence on Chinese production of critical inputs. Integrated North American supply chains could provide a viable alternative to Chinese manufacturing and allow some critical industries to move production closer to home.
7 Taiwanese manufacturing plants just opened in Santa Teresa, which got it’s HAZMAT license and so is expecting 30% more volume.
TXDOT has already approved a spaghetti bowl off Artcraft and the local govt. is hoping Toyota builds a manufacturing plant in El Paso converting 1k sq ft into manufacturing facilities.
12 mil upgrade in the international airport and a local railroad line, and we’re smack dab in the middle of the US.
Perfect distribution center.
I think they’re gonna make El Paso into Ontario/Chino Hills 2.0 and they’re gonna try to open up warehouses in Mexico and the Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) to have migrants stay home with jobs and hope and utilize the labor force there.
They’ll move the goods thru Mexico to Santa Teresa and El Paso and assemble it here “Made in America” and distribute.

Also since we are the major city between Virgin Galactic’s Truth and Consequences, NM location and Blue Origin in Van Horn, TX, I hope we’re gonna be the next Pasadena and JPL.

UTEP just signed an agreement with Space Force and scholarships, ROTC, and local talent pool draw. Hopefully a lot more of our graduates will be able to get higher paying careers and stay local!

Unfortunately, we’ll see a lot of movement and mergers as El Paso grows and becomes a larger metropolis. Schneider Electric is opening another warehouse and Helen of Troy just acquired Osprey.

Some locally owned companies have already been sold off and others have merged thru acquisitions like Daddy O’s and Lube and Go.

Here are some sources for you:
GlobeNewswire: Freight App, Inc. Expands Operations to El Paso, Texas.
Other border news already happening showing how it’s already started:
KTSM 9 News: Three new industrial warehouse buildings set for Lower Valley.

Told ya…Among the new investments is $150 million from Gap Inc. to increase its sourcing in Central America to support more manufacturing jobs. SanMar, an apparel company, will invest an additional $500 million in the region that will support 4,000 additional jobs.Telecommunications company Millicom will invest $700 million in the region to boost broadband networks. And Visa will spend $270 million to increase its digital infrastructure in the area.

The Hill: Harris to announce nearly $2B in private investment to help stem migration.

Big things happening around Sunland Park/Santa Teresa

1,400 homes, 1,200 apartments…/groundbreaking-set-for-350…/

64 Million investment…/new-mexico…/7145251001/

Harris to announce nearly $2B in private investment to help stem migration

What are your thoughts?

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