Bee’s Pastries…are the Bee’s Knees

I’m officially jealous of the Far Eastside. I’ve literally been here almost everyday because of Snapology and now because of Bee’s Pastry Cafe.

They make EVERYTHING fresh here, from the pastries to the bread for the sandwiches, which literally is bigger than my face. The value to food here is astounding. They have daily special like the plate you see here and it’s so delicious!

The owner is Puerto Rican and NYU-rican and her deli-inspired sandwiches and Puerto Rican specialities like Pastellilos Guayaba and Cafe Con Leche (condensed milk) are worth the trip.

The lunch specials are so cheap for the amount of food you get! I’ll be here everyday as my kids are going to the STEM Lego Labs at Snapology for fall break.

I came here originally and bought 2 dozen pastries to bring with me to Winterfest, knowing that the lines will probably be horrendous for food. I was right and my in laws tore the pastries up. They’re from Puerto Rico and New York so they know the legit goods when they taste it. I just thought it was extremely flaky, the honey drizzle was a bit too sweet for me, but I don’t have a sweet tooth so it comes down to personal preference. The apple turnover was so decadent and gooey, the guayaba was cheesy and sweet, and my personal favorite was the stick shaped one with cheese inside (again I favor salty over sweet).

I went again today and was able to finally try the daily specials which are a STEAL. I had the Bistec Con Cebolla (Steak with yellow bell peppers) and Arroz con Grandules (rice with pidgeon peas). Man the rice was soooo good, I couldn’t stop eating it. Every grain had flavor and it wasn’t greasy. The Steak was tenderized and was a bit too salty for me, but the salad helped cut the saltiness.

I had 2 sandwiches as well there and the bread is made from scratch, which is why they’re humongous. The Tripleta was hubby’s favorite, but the pastrami was a bit too sour for him. I thought the Tripleta was over the top and had so much going on it was overpowering. The pastrami was nice and was a good mix of saltiness from the pastrami, and the mustard cut the greasiness. Since it’s a matter of personal preference, I think you would have to come and try it out yourself. They also give you an abundance of fries which my kids devoured alongside their cheese empanadillas. The highlight for me was the SUPER strong coffee with condensed milk. It was very satisfying and intense.

If you come, bring a little patience as the food is prepared fresh on order and they’re still in their soft opening period. They’re understaffed as everywhere else and as a small business owner, they’re only so big. I promise the food is worth it though, and my husband already is looking forward to the Cubano I’m bringing back. Their pastries are also a steal-ask for the “not on the menu” dozen for $15.

Buen Provencho!
Bee’s Pastry Café
12295 Pellicano Dr #6, El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 529-2020

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