Beware who you have clean your home…

🚨 Attention, everyone! 🚨 I've been seeing lots of ads for this company, but no local reviews. Finally, I figured out their deal: they subcontract cleaners! They act as middlemen, charging you to hire actual cleaners for your house.
But here's the problem: it's seriously unsafe, not just for the cleaners, but also for the clients. Subcontracted cleaners pose safety and liability risks for both clients and professionals. Consider these points:
  1. Background Checks: Clients may lack control over the screening process, risking safety if proper checks aren't done.
  2. Limited Quality Control: Subcontracting means less oversight, leading to inconsistent service quality and difficulty addressing concerns.
  3. Insurance and Liability: Subcontracted cleaners may have inadequate insurance coverage, putting both parties at risk.
  4. Communication Gap: Hiring subcontracted cleaners can cause misunderstandings and a lack of personalized service due to communication challenges.
Solution: Choose a locally-owned company in El Paso, like Maid Mi Dia, that conducts background checks and vets both their maids and clients.
Stay informed and safe! 💪

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