Black Belt…in Recycling

We went on a mini date this morning and received our “black belt” in Recycling. More swag and a ceremony to celebrate our achievements at Top Golf. 🤗⛳🏌️‍♀️

It was so refreshing and amazing to see El Pasoans celebrated for sticking with the program and the hard working ESD employees who implement it by checking the recycling bins at our property and dropping off our gifts each time we level up. Also some of them can sing! 👩‍🎤🥋🏆🎁

I met so many diverse people from all walks of life in El Paso, from transplants like us, to retirees who help educate their neighbors, Fort Bliss community members, a grandson who’s teaching his grandfather, etc and we all have the same common goal: we want to learn about the right way to recycle in El Paso. ♻️🏆

On a side note, met the Mayor and he’s seriously jacked! It doesn’t look like it on TV, but the man is #fitnessgoals 😳💪

If you want to learn more about the “belt” program at ESD here’s more info:

Read more about the entire process through our experience here:

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