Boozy Ice Cream Barlour

We went to the actual Grand Opening starting today and it was a lot of fun, especially for the kiddos. I thought it would be weird for kids at night, but no, they made us feel welcome like everyone else there.

The kids LOVED the process of making the ice cream; it was like a magic show to them!

I pointed out the line that distributed the liquid nitrogen to the 3 mixers, and yes they are quite loud. It’s all part of the experience though since it fogs up and the coolness factor is upped with the fog and sounds.

If you’ve never experienced nitrogen anything like cold brew, ice cream etc, yes it can be jarring. I would suggest that they have signs posted or warn when they’re about to start mixing to let the uninitiated know.

The ice cream itself is amazing. Custom made in small artisanal batches, you’ll never get the same since they mix it right in front of you, kinda like an omakase bar. I think the milk fat percentage is like 15%-25% because the alcohol added cuts through the taste and can be overwhelming without that creaminess.

You can have it with or without alcohol and of course the kids loved their Cookie Monster (cookies and cream) and berry shaved ice, without alcohol of course. I got a Cool Brew with Kahlua and it was sooo smooth! Really delicious and will wake you up! Ice creams run around $8 for 3 ingredients and the named ones are between $10-$13, which is really good considering they have alcohol in them and it’s strong. They don’t skimp on flavor or ingredients here.

I didn’t see the food menu until later but I’m excited to try their fried pickles. My kids were getting antsy by then and we needed to go.

This was such a fun and unique experience and I love that it’s in El Paso, vs Austin or OC. Really cool concept and they actually delivered with the taste. Come out and support local!

Boozy Ice Cream Barlor
7470 Cimarron Market Ave Building 8, Suite 100, El Paso, TX 79911
(915) 777-0275

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