Do you like food? So did the Magoffins! Join us on the first Saturday of every month to get a taste of the foods different generations of the Magoffin Family enjoyed. Using recipes from their time, we will recreate popular dishes for the three generations who owned the Home. This year, we will recreate a full day’s menu from breakfast to dinner and even include a mid-afternoon snack!

This month, we continue the day’s menu with an often under-appreciated menu item for lunch. Taken from the cookbook entitled “The Woman Suffrage Cookbook”, our instructor, Gloria, will show you how to make Bread! It is a staple for most lunch dishes that is perfect for any time of year. Call in advance to 915-533-5147, ext. 1006, or email [email protected] to register.

Cost: $5

Cooking Class Schedule:

Theme – A Complete Day

Breakfast –

September – Apple Fritters

October – Wartime Champ

Lunch –

November – Pumpkin Soup

December – Empanadas

January – Rice Salad with Cooked Ham

February – Bread

Snack –

March – New Orleans Pudding

Dinner –

April – Pot Roast

May – 7 Cups Salad

June – Savory Potato Biscuits


July – Coffee Frappe

August – Coffee Jelly