Flautas Friday?

El Paso is the place where I fell in love with flautas. It’s so different from the taquitos I grew up with. The ones I’ve had at places like with […]

They're in their soft opening phase, but they have the greatest hits like the birria tacos, potato tacos and birria ramen AND they have KOREAN TACOS all the time! 🍜🌮

You've heard me waxing poetic about 4Tacos 4Tacos 4 Tacos before and here are some of the reviews I've written in the past. This new 4 Tacos West truck is slowly but surely getting there with the high level of quality Ruben set at the other truck, but it's also hella closer to me and open late on the Westside…to 2 am to be exact, Thursday-Saturday. 🤗

You can call and order ahead or if you're standing in line to get into the club, they have QR codes to order on your phone and they even will take it to your table inside! 😱

Previous reviews:

I drove all the way to the other side of El Paso yesterday night for these Korean Tacos. #worthit
He only has them on the weekends, so get them before they sell out.

Bulgogi meat filling was not too sweet, juicy, and tender. The cucumber relish had that bit of acidity that cut thru the meat and added some zing. The star was the tortilla….fried to a crispy yet malleable snap, the crunch was satisfying. Added some sriracha and you got a tacos worth sharing… online only though. I didn't give hubby more than a bite. He wanted wings, so NACHO tacos, sucker! 🌮😆

4tacos 4tacos 4tacos


The best part of waking up, is birria in your cup! 😂
Seriously how awesome is @4tacos4tacos4tacos for stopping by with his amazing birria tacos for my foodie friend from LA.

We couldn't make it out last night to his location and he's catering all weekend so my friend couldn't try it since he's leaving Monday. We were super sad, but Ruben surprised us this morning with a couple of plates since he was catering nearby! 🌮

My friend was blown away by the quality of the beef and the consomme was so clean, not greasy, and full of flavor. The cheese is perfectly melted, the tacos are crunchy and not oily. My friend really appreciated that Ruben separated the cilantro and onions since he can't stand cilantro. 🙏

If you can catch him at his food truck, he also has ramen birria and on Saturdays he has Korean tacos! One of the best birria trucks around, people have come from Canada, Europe, and other states to try him out! Thanks Ruben, my friend said he's gonna come back to El Paso because the tacos blew his tastebuds away! 🤗

4tacos 4tacos 4tacos


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