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**Please make sure on the calendar that your event isn’t already there. There have been a lot of duplicate submissions.**

Check here:

Did you know my Facebook Page used to be my Travel Deals Page? Scroll down long enough and you’ll see all the fabulous deals I was able to find like €1 flights.

I realized though after my latest trips to Orlando and Vegas, after not having traveled for 3 years, that I missed it. However, running a local website and having so many great events locally started back up again, I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss any as I travel again.

I have to manually find and enter each event and it can be quite time consuming, and some of you have been amazing at sending them my way….I don’t want any to fall by the wayside.

So I took some time this week, since I’m currently homeless and staying with a friend until my house is mold free and fixed (roof and water damage from hail storms last year), to build a tool to have the community enter in their own events!

Yes, now you can put YOUR events on and it will show up on the calendar. It’s a great way to list all the things To Do in El Paso and the surrounding areas in one place!

Check it out and start submitting your event if you don’t see it already on the calendar. Thank you so much for supporting the site and making it an even better one with community input! Check it out here:

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