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I found this post from Margie Perez Estrada super useful and got permission to share with credit to her:
“Hello! long but helpful post!!
I have been seeing many posts about not having insurance and looking for somewhere to be seen by a doctor. I teach this for a living (not exactly, but a huge part of what I do) so I figured I’d share:
The income based clinics are:
Project Vida
San Vicente
La Fe
Baptist Clinic
Texas Tech
I think I’m missing one but I can’t remember exactly. There are also doctor’s offices that have their own plans. You pay them monthly and when you go for an appointment, you’ll have a copay.
UMC is my “thing” so here goes my spiel:
Call 915-521-7914 for financial assistance scheduling. You can ask about appointments everywhere. They are at the main hospital, Joe Battle, Ysleta, West, fabens. They may ask you which one you prefer but if they don’t have any there, you can ask about others.

You will need:

Proof of income: check stub, W-2, letter of employment, or if someone supports you, they can just write you a letter.
Proof of address x2: utility bill, ID, lease, letter stating you are staying there
And of course your ID. They’ll also ask how many members in your household.
Once you have your appointment for financial assistance, the clinics can see you. You call 915-790-5700 and ask for scheduling. At your appointment, you tell them you have the financial assistance appointment coming up and they should honor the price or take the amount you can pay at that time and bill you the rest. Once you get the bill, you’ll take it to financial assistance and they can write it off.
With your UMC discount, you automatically qualify for the Texas Tech discount by taking them the letter that you qualify.
This all takes time so look in to it before it gets to where you need to be seen ASAP.
I hope this helps!!!

Please note that when you qualify for the UMC Financial Discount Plan. You can also apply for the Texas Tech Discount Plan. The UMC plan covers pharmacy lab, hospital and medical visits, But you need to apply for the Texas Tech Discount as well. Because that covers the providers from Texas Tech caring for you at UMC hospital. These 2 plans work hand in hand. You don’t automatically qualify for both when applying for only one.”

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