Dulce de Leche Candy Art

The art of making Dulce de Leche artisanal candy is a dying one, as fewer people are practicing this traditional method.

However, in El Paso, we are blessed to have Nuestra Nostalgia, one of only 2 artisanal candy makers left in the city. They’re family owned, and still continue to put in the work to make amazing candies because they’re proud of their heritage and the taste of tradition. It’s so rare nowadays to have people make it the traditional way.

I didn’t grow up with this type of candy and I honestly wish I did, it is so delicious and a little goes a long way. Today I stopped by to pick up some Dulce de Leche bites for my coffee as well as to stuff my Easter eggs. I also ordered some to send to my friends and family for a candy charcuterie bar.

The care that goes into making Mexican Dulce de Leche candy is evident in the final product. The slow cooking process allows the milk to caramelize slowly, resulting in a rich, creamy texture and a complex, caramelized flavor. Artisanal makers often use high-quality ingredients and take care to ensure that the candy is made in small batches to maintain consistency and quality.

Because they’re a small shop and they can’t provide as much retail as they want to, I ordered online where they’re having a buy one get one free sale. They deliver for free with $25 and you can also pick it up like I did.

We need to value and support the small businesses that really truly do care about the craft and preserve the history of the people here in El Paso.

Please support them if you can, they are a treasure. I’d buy their amazing creamy and local delicious candy over the mass produced items from a faraway corporation who won’t employ or support our local economy and care.

For the sake of the city for the sake of the culture, I hope that they survive and I try to buy local and share as much as I can about their factory to get the word out.

Nuestra Nostalgia *sponsored code*

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