Tippin Elementary Update

Another day another dangerous school zone. Captured today at Tippin Elementary again.

At this point, I feel we parents and administrators and staff have stepped up and done the maximum that we are allowed to.

Where are the authorities? Why are they allowing this to keep happening? They said they would do something, but not a peep since OCTOBER 2021.

We need to do something about this. It’s not acceptable in any school environment much less where someone already has been killed.

Update on Tippin school situation:

I’ve been volunteering after being certified as a crossing guard! Turns out being a human safety cone works. Even going early and just swinging the sign and waving makes the drivers slow down and notice it’s a school zone. 👋🛑🦺

Our school PTA and principal looked into hiring a police officer but it will costs us $22k. We currently don’t have the budget for that so it was shelved. 🤑

No word from the District 1 rep’s office on signage for Bear Ridge or any other of the discussed matters during that meeting. 😔

Our Board of Education rep got certified but hasn’t volunteered for crossing guard duty. He did help arrange for the EPPD officer to help train us. ⛑️

EPPD/El Paso Police presence hasn’t been around for months. Also they were supposed to do a community meeting about the traffic situation but haven’t heard any updates. 🚔👮

So I guess it’s up to us parents and school staff in the meantime to keep our community and kids safe by volunteering. 🤷‍♀️

Please consider volunteering because our elementary school students are in need of crossing guards!!! It takes only 30 mins before & after school and makes a huge difference for the kids & staff. 💪

If you’re retired, looking for ways to help our community, or want to help keep our kids safe, please call or click the link! Thank you! 🙏

Tippin – 915-230-5150
Polk – 915-236-2775


Just a reminder of how we got here and what happened in the past.




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