Escape 5un City in A Virtual Reality Escape Room

Started out the new year with a new adventure! 🧭

I’ve started to love escape room experiences as you can see HERE and HERE. But I’ve only gone in physical escape rooms and have never experienced a Virtual Reality Escape Room, where the scenarios and possibilities of multiple games in one room is a reality.

What is a Virtual Reality Escape Room? (video)

We escaped Sun City to an underwater world…among many different scenarios available at the New VIRTUAL REALITY Escape Experience. 😎

This was their first operational day so there were a few kinks to work out, but overall we had a blast being their first test subjects. 🧑‍🔧

It’s located downtown across from the Paseo Del Norte Hotel and it’s kinda hidden, so the adventure started by finding the location, and Parking is available for $4 all day. 🅿️


When we got there we were able to pick our adventure based on the size of our party (6 people) and there were like 7 adventures. One was a scary Manor, one was a Pirate adventure, one was a Medieval Knights adventure, there was a Time Traveling one, a Mummy one, etc. We chose to battle laser bots and then did an underwater world quest. 🤖

Each ran around 20-40 minutes long and was $15-$25 a person. It was very interactive, and like all escape rooms, you have to work together as a team. Unlike other escape rooms, it was more fantastical because you got to fight sharks, etc and it was a little harder because you can’t see facial expressions so gestures matter more. 👋

My son was able to participate (barely) since we have a VR set at home that he regularly plays with, but the recommended minimum age is 12, just because of height/tracking issues. This would be an amazing birthday party experience though and something that they will remember. 🥳


The best part though, that I think that all El Pasoans will love since there are large close families, was that, unlike other escape rooms, people outside of the VR participants can interact and cheer them on. It added a whole other dimension to the game, as you can view the room as they see it and help them with clues or sabotage them. 😈

I am so excited to see more indoor experiences like these pop up across town, especially since, unlike movies, it’s interactive and you can be immersed in the adventure vs just watching. 🎥
To book: follow their IG escape_5uncity
200 S Santa Fe St El Paso, TX 79901

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