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Game Vault’s 6 Year Anniversary Weekend!

November 25 - November 27

Oh, hello there!
So, as some of you have probably heard – WE’RE MOVING! As with any of the expansions/projects we’ve taken on, we have learned from each one and have carefully planned to anticipate setbacks, slowdowns (especially when it comes to involving the city…). BUT we still didn’t plan enough.
As of today, Nov 1st, we are still within a 50/50 shot of being moved over and re-opened in the new space on our 6th year anniversary – Nov 18th!
BUT, if that other half of the 50/50 happens, it should only delay our opening by a week. (Hopefully). FOR NOW ~ the old location will remain open until I know otherwise, and don’t forget we have SALES happening to help fund this home stretch. (The sales will run through this weekend, final day of the sales will be the 6th ~ I think ~ )
SO, I’ve created this event, it should be the easiest place to follow for updates (Please click going and share the event!) and any changes that will happen in the days to follow.
On a more personal note – after 6 years, I, Lyndi, was really hoping for a smooth perfect opening right from the start, but it’s just not going to happen.
Much like when we first opened 6 years ago, there’s compromises I’ve had to make, and things I’ve had to add to a “I’ll improve it later” list. We’ve always set the bar really high for ourselves and I’ll keep reaching for it with YOUR help, patience and understanding. Things like;
Sales floor layout, event table layout, decorations- will all probably be improved or changed after we’re open and settled in. We always find a better and more efficient way of doing things. There’s also a chunk of the floor that won’t be finished. I’ve had to tell my contractor to move on and just focus on finishing other things and we’ll revisit the floor after the Holidays. (I’m sure my employees will appreciate a few days off after the Holidays/December anyway!) We also have this large fountain feature that I haven’t decided exactly how I want to paint/decorate yet and I need to put that on the back burner too. There were some booths left behind from the previous tenant that I want to replace ~eventually~ but again, it’s going on my to-do list.
Other notes:
Cafe/Coffee Bar:
Firstly, the coffee bar (which we’re all very excited for) – none of us currently on staff have extensive experience running a coffee shop (But Coary and I didn’t have much experience running a game store business either, so we’ll get there…) and we do plan on hiring experienced workers, but we’re out of time and out of payroll to get it done before the re-opening. (Yes, if you’ve applied – fantastic, I haven’t started interviews at all yet.) So again, I ask for your patience, understanding, and constructive feedback.
Same with the menu – this new kitchen is HUGE and has a hood, deep fryers, walk in fridge and freezer! Which is so exciting – but we want to again get settled into the flow of the new space before adding/changing the menu right off the start. So our menu won’t change till after the Holidays. We will try and have a special menu for our grand re-opening weekend because we can make things like french fries, chicken strips, etc. PLUS with the huge walk in fridge/freezer – Coary and the bakers can really stock up on pastries and desserts so we *shouldn’t* run out of things and should have more of a set pastry/dessert menu with only a few rotating items. (It’s the goal we have anyway, it’ll take time to adjust our ordering habits based on sales in the new space too.)
For now our weekly event schedule will stay the same till probably January. I need a little time to work with the new layout, and we’ll be gathering feedback from players on which days would work best for the events and so forth.
Can’t forget about the RPG TABLES! I have a free trial of a reservation system I would like to test out here soon. We have an area that will seat 4 groups (2 groups of 6, 2 groups of 8 ) and I’d like to make it so you can reserve those tables online ahead of time, but there will be bumps in that road too.
Sales Floor:
Only update for this section is – I want to bring back video games with a vengeance, but the company I ordered accessories/controllers/etc from is backordered till December. I still need to hold off on trade in’s for a little while longer too, we’ll give an update after Black Friday weekend and see if we’re ready to bring that process back. (Yes, I would LOVE to have a cataloged singles inventory again – this new space *should* allow us the space to do it, but it will definitely not be an anytime soon thing.) I was also hoping to have all my inventory back into an online catalog, but other things took priority, so it’ll also be put on my to-do list when we’re settled in.
Reopening Weekend:
As tradition, we *should* have the FREE photobooth during the Saturday of our grand opening weekend (whether it be the weekend of the 18th, or the weekend after.)
We have a few raffles we’re planning as usual, they’ll be revealed soon.
We will most likely not have any scheduled events that Fri-Sun just to give everyone a chance to come out and enjoy the space and so I can have employees focus on the new space as a whole.
The End:
I hope this didn’t sound too negative, I promise – I am excited – I’m also just nervous as usual and want everyone to be comfortable, happy, and of course – have fun! I’m fearing the people visiting us for the first time, judging us on that weekend and never coming back to see the things that I will improve as we go and start to settle into the new place.
Okay, I’m done rambling. I can’t wait to be moved over, I hope you all love what we’ve done so far and trust we will continue to be better than we were yesterday!


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