Fallin’ For Fuschia

My hair color had started to fade after 2.5 months and I also wanted to repair some damage from swimming so when I saw that Christy had an opening for hair touch up and a new treatment I quickly set up an appointment.

I honestly wasn’t too keen on having red hair again as it faded quickly since I swim and my schedule is so packed I can’t come as often for touch ups but…SHE MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH FUSCHIA AGAIN.

She cut off some damage, did a fun undercut for me and created a 3-toned 3-dimensional color, so as it fades, it will still look interesting and not flat. She also did the CBD treatment on my hair and no joke, my hair feels like silk. It’s on special right now for $25 and it’s worth it.

I was concerned about maintenance since I’ll be traveling a lot to go to the PTA conferences but she gave me a color bomb kit, which will enable me to maintain my color and extend the touch up times also for $25.

Check her out and book her ASAP before she gets full again!


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