Feng Cha is…Just Fine

Holy diabetes Batman!

I stumbled on their soft opening from 1pm-8pm after dinner at Aguachiles next door.

They were very busy and already ran out of desserts. I ordered their creme brulee dirty boba ($6.75) with extra crystal boba ($0.75).

Their Dirty Boba is a fresh milk drink lined all around with brown sugar caramel, topped off with our house-made Cheese Milk Foam, and capped with a creme brûlée top.

IT’S SO SWEET, that it’s cloying and they didn’t ask what level of sweetness I wanted, which is apparently their schtick, but didn’t implement it at all. I didn’t like it, hubby said he liked it. The boba was perfectly chewy and soft, the crystal boba was standard since it comes premade. The ratio of boba to drink was good.

Ambiance: I know it’s a soft opening but no one greeted us and they left the drinks on the bar without calling out the name. A little service would be nice.

The layout is also really weird and uncomfortable. It’s just long and narrow and you have to walk very close to the tables. I get it in high density Asian cities but we’re in Texas, we have space to spread out and roam! Plus the chairs are little low stools that I worry I might break.

Prices and sizes: they’re pretty standard, with the new tall slim cups, and the extras are a bit more than Rare Tea and they didn’t fill up the cup to the top like Rare Tea did.

Bottom line, I still think Rare Tea’s Caramelized Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk is still superior and locally owned Boba Mi Amor beats both with price, service, AND they make things fresh without powders.

Feng Cha El Paso
(915) 234-2714

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