Finally Kermes For Me

The 2nd thing I did today was to go to my 1st Kermes. I’ve been waiting two and a half years to go since all of them have been closed since COVID happened. The one I went to today was celebrating the 40th anniversary, KERMES FESTIVAL DE CORPUS CHRISTI CHURCH. 🤗

We somehow got front row parking because we arrived early and I was told to bring chairs but we should have just utilized the chairs and seats scattered all around for us since we came so early. 🪑

The band was playing and the singers are good with a mix of Spanish and English songs. I immediately went to the ticket booth to buy tickets. It was 21 tickets for $20 cash. 👩‍🎤

There were multiple locations and separate lines for cash and cards. It was very well organized and also they have signage for how much each item costs per ticket. There’s also a big police presence so I felt very safe.👮

After I got the tickets I immediately went into the enchilada line. It went very quickly and people were just really excited to get their food. When I got to the front, they made a mistake and didn’t give me two tickets back because they miscounted so I pointed it out and they apologized. Tip: When you’re standing in line cut the tickets yourself that way it’s easier for the cashiers to handle and move the line. 🎟️

After I got my enchiladas I immediately jumped into the gordita line. It moved quickly because there were two lines. I was told to buy it from the oldest ladies because those are the best but honestly, both sides had old ladies making them. 🤷‍♀️

Once I got my gorditas I was able to get a raspado for the kids and we headed up to go see the Matachines while hubby set up the chairs. The enchiladas were $7 (7 tickets), the gorditas $7 (7 tickets), and the raspado was $4 (4 tickets). 🍧

I was lucky enough to see the Matachines at a friend’s house last year so I knew the story of the Virgin De Guadalupe and the Indians who converted to Catholicism, but my children haven’t and it was nice to tell them the story and watch the reactions to the dancing and ceremony. The drums were a bit too loud for my daughter and so we left. 🥁

We then met up with a friend that used to work as a youth coordinator for the church and she showed me around. Her daughter and my daughter were able to play some games and win little prizes. By the time we came back, my husband had a migraine and both kids were tired so we called it a night. 🎪

The gorditas were really good even though the sizes were very small and it was a little expensive for what it was. Inflation stinks. They were really good because of the masa I believe. It was light and airy and not greasy at all. I haven’t had the enchiladas yet I’m saving it for tomorrow since it was a complete plate including rice. 🥙

I wish I was able to eat some more things; the tripitas smelled amazing and I got to see them cook them. The discada tacos looked really good as well. 🌮

I can see people eating and then dancing and then drinking and then eating again all night. That’s what I would do if I was here by myself without a grumpy husband with a migraine and tired kids with school the next day. Next year I’ll plan it better. 💃

It’s still going on at the time of this post, until 10:30 pm so you still have time to check it out if you want. 😊

I love that the community comes together and celebrates by dancing and eating and just being joyous together. The ladies were pulling people up from their chairs to dance, the music was wonderful and upbeat, and the kiddies can run around and play games all night. I see why people come out and look forward to going to a Kermez every year. I’m already looking forward to the next one. 🤗


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