Foodie Tour Night

So my friend and I had a food adventure tonight. We went to Buddy’s Beer Barn EP to check out the new food truck gathering there.

It was Meech’s Hot Chicken’s grand opening so I wanted to come out and support them. They started at 4pm and sold out by 6pm which is when we arrived.

We got some amazing ceviche from El Botano Mariscos El Paso. While we waited for our food we got some Grapefruit beer from the barn. It was really cool, you can get out and select the drinks yourself or have them bring it to you. They have a liquor store and small souvenir/clothing store inside as well.

After we got our food, I then took her to the Game Vault to show all the awesome board games and delicious food they had going on including the Pokemon extravaganza tomorrow. We got a French bread pizza and berries calzone and just stuffed our faces.

After that I HAD to show her 4tacos4tacos4tacos. They made us a sample plate since we were so full and the regulars who drove these awesome mini bikes made us feel part of the crew.

The food was amazing like always, we got their famous potato taco, a Korean beef taco, 2 birria tacos and a discada taco. I took a plate of discada and birria nachos home to share with hubby.

All in all a great food night. I highly recommend checking them all out off Montana between 9841- 10150 Montana Ave. They’re literally right next to each other, all these amazing food places and tomorrow between the car show and the Pokemon extravaganza, they should be jumping! Come check them out and #supportlocal

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