Fowl Mouths and Foul Service

Have you been to a place that was so hyped but failed miserably? Well, I experienced that tonight at Fowl Mouths.

Parking was hard and when I went to the back, I went to the wrong side and got into the bbq area somehow, the waitress there told me that I had to go around, since it was a dead end. I’m telling you this because knowing that it was my 1st time there, when I saw her inside later, not only did she ignore me but all the waitresses and bartenders ignored me for at least 15 mins. The bartender was busy when I came inside and she acknowledged that I was there and then completely ignored me for the rest of the night.

It seems like Cheers where if you’re a regular or a friend, you’ll be treated well, otherwise you’ll be ignored. After 15-20 mins of waiting for someone to give me a menu, acknowledge me, anything, I stood up at the table to leave, then someone said oh did you need a drink or menu? I said, ” yes I need a menu”, and she gave me one and ran down the list of non alcoholic drinks. I was already there for 20 mins and was determined to at least try the food.

After waiting for another 10 mins of waiting for her to stop flirting with the other customers, she never came back and just started drinking again with them, the same waitress that was outside then came up and asked me if I was served yet. I said no and she then immediately said she was out of chicken and birria tacos. It’s not the 1st time I’ve heard of them running out of food, but was disappointing, nonetheless.

I quickly ordered the appetizer Carnes al Pincho which is like a bbq pork meat skewer and a Virgin Pina Colada in case they forgot about me again. I saw another couple waiting and leaving quickly since they had the same “service”. It was loud inside and outside (think club level) but the music was good. I got a call from a friend and stepped outside to get it and by the time I got back the food was ready but the drink wasn’t.

It looked and smelled good and the portion was big for $6. I asked for utensils and they gave me some plastic ones. The 1st 2 pieces were chewy and fatty the last 2 pieces were inedible, just gristly and the plastic knife couldn’t cut through it was that tough. I couldn’t finish it and threw the rest away. The garlic bread was good though!

While I was eating the 1st 2 pieces the waitress came back with the Pina Colada. The 1st few sips were delicious, creamy with a pineapple finish. That stopped when I hit the ice chips. It wasn’t smoothly blended but chunky and that was most of the drink. I kept having to wait for it to melt in order to not clog up the straw, the ice chunks were too thick. Very frustrating.

At the end she got my check and the total for one appetizer and one NON ALCOHOLIC drink was $14! The drink alone was $8 and none of the drinks had any pricing or menu.

I went to this place because some friends recommended them and I guess if you’re friends from what I saw you’ll be treated well, but if you’re a new client, be prepared to wait. For the entire experience, it took over an hour for one drink and one appetizer and it wasn’t busy at all.

This area has so many amazing bars and options, I hope they start treating it like a business and not just a personal hangout. I’m not sure I’ll come back since it was a really really disappointing experience.

fowl mouths eptx
(915) 519-0083
800 N Piedras St, El Paso, TX 79903

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