Fusion Sushi- Sushiitto

I came during their soft opening when I was downtown at the Chalk the Block event.

Service was top notch. One of the friendliest and most attentive service I’ve had at any Downtown establishment. They lent me a charger when my phone was dying and I like that the outlets are available at the bar.

The Matcha Carajillo ($12) was beautiful and really rich. The coffee liqueur and Expresso was like a sucker punch. I only tasted the matcha powder at the end when I sipped the dregs. Not as strong as others I’ve had, my favorite is still at Cafe Central.

They didn’t have the Takoyaki appetizer (missing ingredients) and their robatayaki wasn’t grilled over a charcoal as tradition, so I didn’t end up getting any appetizers. I did however try their hot roll, which was the Torreaditto roll ($13).

It’s honestly the best example of fusion Mexican and Japanese. It has breaded Kanikama, Negi and Avocado on the inside. Outside has melted Manchego cheese, and Chiles Toreados with chipotle sauce swirled on top.

Very creamy with a definite kick from the serrano peppers. The rice to other ingredients ratio is a bit off. It was too much rice in my opinion and it was unseasoned so it made the roll bland without soy sauce even with the chipotle sauce covering the roll. The rice wasn’t mushy which was a plus since a lot of the sushi places here in El Paso tend to overcook the rice to compensate for using less seasoned vinegar.

The choice of light and soy sauce was appreciated, even though the wasabi was still a powder mix. Watch out for the dispensers, it will spit the soy if you aren’t familiar with the push button. It was a very generous portion for $13 with 10 big pieces.

I was too full to try out the matcha cheesecake which was the original plan but I will be back to try out the teppanyaki option, which is reservation only. I did recommend that they add purse hooks since there’s no space to put your items on the tables, bars or chairs. Space is at a premium here, they’ve maximized how many can fit in a table.

A great addition to Downtown; outdoor dining and indoor spaces are available and I think they’ll be pretty popular. I anticipate that they will get busy quickly so make reservations after they fully open next week.

Sushi Itto
(915) 304-1093
601 N Mesa St Suite 120, El Paso, TX 79901

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