Get Together

Grown Together has grown up into Get Together and it’s delicious.

I basically grew¬†up vegetarian and was pretty much vegan since we don’t really have dairy products in Asian food. It’s because we practiced Buddhism growing up.

Also we were poor and the meat was basically anything that was cheap. In fact, I remember growing up eating chicken thighs and drumsticks and absolutely hating it because of all the gristle and cartilage. So I avoided meat in my youth until I found out about steak and sushi in college. After that, it was my meats of choice.

Get Together might have changed my mind. Obviously vegetables, tofu, tempeh, etc can be very flavorful if you cook it well. Asian stirfy and soups have made vegetables delicious, unlike just boiling, roasting, or frying as Western cuisine does.

Get Together takes the techniques of Asian style cooking, like marinating fruits and veggies to change the textures and combined it with modern flavors and trends like chipotle and cheese made from nuts and yeast.
The crazy thing is that it works sooo well. I actually prefer their “wings” to the real deal, just because the texture is on point and it’s just easier to eat than to go through the gristle of a real wing.

The cauliflower was amazing (favorite was lemon pepper) and it had sweetness and hints of coconut. After speaking with the Chef, Storm (yes that’s his real given name), he shared that the sweetness comes from using cornflakes and the coconut from the coconut oil.

He is also very forthcoming and shared how he marinated watermelon overnight to achieve the exact texture of tuna for his award winning sushi roll. I was blown away by his generosity in sharing his techniques and recipes, and I found out he published a cookbook to encourage more people to eat vegetables.

They also have amazing cocktails and drinks available and he’s thinking of infusing CBD to add more options. Thank you Nurse B. for taking us to try them! I literally thought they were a CBD shop with all the greenery!

I think the drinks are perfect. The chamoy mango was amazing and well themed. Come check them out and support local!

Get Together
(915) 248-1090
209 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

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