Ghostbusters? Nah…Call 311

🎶 There’s something strange to your neighborhood who you going to call?🎶

Have you used the EP311 APP yet? 📲

It’s really easy to report ALL THE NEW SWIMMING POOLS erm…POTHOLES in the road after the rains.🛞⛈️🌀

And the overgrown weeds of course on city lots. 🌿

I made a quick video showing how to use it. 📽️

Apparently I’m in the top 10% of users and that’s sad. This is a great app and they’re trying to make it better. I gave them some suggestions and I hope they implement them so that it’s more useful going forward.

They mentioned that they just changed providers and hope to make it more user friendly, so if you get a call or an email, please respond and help them with their survey!

They really do care, and plus, our tax dollars are being used, might as well make it work for us and hold the departments like maintenance and streets accountable with records!

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