Go Wild with Frontier Airlines

Yes! Unlimited flight passes are back! ✈️

This time it’s Frontier offering them in 2023. They offer a Kids Fly Free under 12 years old program called Discount Den as well!


Take advantage if you can! 🧳

I bought JetBlue’s All You Can Jet for $599 to fly anywhere they fly for an entire month and it was the best experience! 🧑‍✈️🤗

I met so many fellow passengers along the way through the airports as we made our way through the country! JetBlue’s lounges had contests and special celebrations, especially in New York, and it was just phenomenal. One of the best experiences of my life.

🛫 I started in Long Beach CA, then flew to Seattle, Boston, NYC, Orlando, then Austin and back to LBC. 🛬

I couchsurfed the entire time just because Airbnb wasn’t invented yet. By the way, Couchsurfing is free and Airbnb is not, so I would recommend couchsurfing all the way. 👌

Not only do you get a built-in host that can show you the local places around and it’s free, but you make lifelong friends as a host and as a surfer. I’ve been both a host and surfer and it’s so rewarding! I traveled worldwide when I was single, and my best hosts were in Paris and Peru! 💑

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