It Feels Good to Save Lives: Heartfelt Gratitude

You might remember that insane day in October 2022, where I hit up 5 events in ONE day? You don’t, well it was a blur for me as well, so I don’t fault you for not remembering it. Here is the POST if you were curious.

I was reminded of it this morning, when out of the blue, someone messaged my account.

This right here made my year. No matter how tedious the work gets in entering each event manually, or how tired I get going to multiple events in one day (this day had me going to 5 different events from 5 am-6pm), THIS IS WHY I SHARE and DO WHAT I DO.

I never imagined weeding alongside the @iam_elpaso and meeting the incredible moms at Gold Out El Paso and @adoptamomep would lead to such a story! πŸŽ—οΈ I got a message this morning and I swear I cried. I’m so happy that she was able to find out and remove the lumps before it got worse and now she has more time with her family.

I want to thank Crystal Veronica Lerma for being brave enough to share her story with everyone to let the community know how important it is to get testing done. 😍 I also want to thank Marcela RiaΓ±o-Mendoza for hosting the FREE mammogram event at Professional Radiology. Get your mammograms done ladies, it may save your life and your family. πŸ’—


This is a great reminder of how important self breast exams are to find abnormalities and lumps ~ so ladies, remember to Do Your Monthly Self Breast Exam and if you are at an increased risk for breastΒ πŸŽ€Β cancer, step up your exams, mammograms, and now it’s recommended that an MRI is done instead of a mammogram if you are at a known increased risk.Β πŸŽ€
If you need help or assistance with breast cancer screening (or cervical screening) at anytime, the CDC can help.


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