Hot Dog Kings…and Queens

Can I just brag a little about how proud I am to be a part of the El Paso community?
I LOVE how welcoming and nice people truly are here.

Storytime; I was over in the Far East checking out Snapology and it was 7 mins away from Urban Gyros, both of which I will shortly review, and it was late and I was hungry. After buying a gyro and a plate from Urban Gyro, I was driving out of their parking lot down Zaragoza about to make a U-turn off Vista Del Sol when I saw a crowd of people around some food trucks. I was curious because that area was pretty much all chain stores and I wanted to see what the locals were ordering.

I drove in and saw 4 food trucks, 3 of which were open. They were owned and worked by the same family members it seemed, because they were all very attractive and looked alike. I was confused at first since it looked like it was a truck for snacks, a hot dog truck, and a taco truck, each operating separately, but with the same menu font. I asked the people in line and they were kind enough to tell me that you order at the taco truck and pay there for everything, but you give the receipts to the snacks and hot dog trucks respectively.

My Spanish is non-existent so I was a little intimidated, just hearing Spanish being exchanged, but when I went to the snack truck to pick up my Agua Fresca, they spoke perfect English and even let me sample their horchata and melon drinks. When I couldn’t decide between the two, they recommended that I combine them. Mind. Blown. It was soooooo good. Like a cinnamon-y creamy melon drink. The girls were so sweet and patient with me. Best of all the HUGE drink was like $3!

I ordered the hot dog because that’s what they recommended, there were 2 sizes, a skinny one and a sausage one, both of which were bacon wrapped. They didn’t have a lot of the toppings since they ran out (prob because they were popular) but I got the regular one with onions and cheese. I really miss the TJ style hotdogs vs the Juarez style, just because the Juarez style is so much more sloppy to eat with the sauces and beans and cheese sauce, etc. Either way, I finished that weenie in the car because it’s something that isn’t meant to eat later, the buns would be soggy.

Everything came out to be like $8.96. Can’t beat that in this area especially, since rents are so high. They told me that they’re there from 6pm-2am most nights. I can’t remember specifics, but how awesome that a cheap, clean, and genuinely happy food truck is there to sop up all the drinks you might indulge in? They’re in the Verizon lot off Zaragoza and Vista Del Sol.

Come out and #supportlocal. If not, just come for that agua fresca. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

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