Immunity Booster!

Starting the new year with a boost of immunity from @calaverawellness literally just delivered 10 minutes ago. 🎉

With so many of our plans cancelled lately because of friends and family out sick with the flu and COVID, and the kiddos going back to school next week, we wanted to help their immune systems. 🦠

I used to buy my elderberry syrup and gummies from a local mom when we lived in Houston and finally found a local resource here in El Paso! 🧃

Best part is they deliver for free! We paid $15 for the gummies and they were great with communicating when they would be there. 🛍️

The kids hate the commercially produced ones and they like this one. I also took it myself and was pleasantly surprised. It was smooth and not bitter, kinda bland, no strong flavors and not heavily sugared. 😋

Check them out, they have other options as well to keep your immune system boosted. We’ll definitely be ordering again. 🤗

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