It’s the Detail…Guyz

Just went today to get my car detailed and cleaned before Lunar New Year since it’s been too cold to do so before. The Detail Guyz always do an amazing job of getting every crumb and goldfish cracker out of all the tiny crevices my children seem to delight in stuffing.

Looking for a Valentine’s day gift for your man? Clean out the junk in his trunk… literally. 🧽🛻💓🤣

They’re currently running a special for Valentine’s month (February 2022). For the entire month if you buy a detailed car wash, it comes with a FREE engine wash. I know that my hubby appreciated not having to clean the greasy engine especially since it seems like a bird or something built a small nest of twigs there. Show them this post and they’ll honor it.

I wrote a review about a stellar experience last year and they continue to be amazing.

Original review 3/26/2021

I dropped off in laws at the airport for some R&R and used their car to transport them. Unfortunately my daughter decided to decorate their backseat with a strawberry shake. 🤦‍♀️

I drove to 2 different carwashes before I found the Detail Guyz. They were actually recommended by the 2nd place I went to since they only do appointments only and the Detail Guyz take walk ins. I explained what I needed, a light detail and they said it wouldn’t be the complete steam clean etc but they can do it for $35. I tipped them extra and they were so surprised. 🤯

Wow. For the amount of detail and how it came out, that’s a steal of a deal especially for an SUV. They spot detailed, wiped down the inside, vacuumed thoroughly, and cleaned the outside including rims and tires. My in laws will be so happy since it’s basically the cleanest I’ve seen it in years. 🤣

I’m going to come back with both our cars and get a full detail. It’s an amazing price for the work they do. They’re a family owned business and really pride themselves on their work. They’re open M-Sat. from 8:30am- 5pm. Come out and #supportlocal

The Detail Guyz
(915) 588-9463
3001 McRae Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925

Took hubby’s car on 6/11/21

Hubby’s car is foul and smells like farts. It’s one of his honey-do’s and he never gets around to it. It’s an old beater since he never really drives and only to take the kids to karate. Well, now it smells like a gym. 👃🤢

I saw a deal at the Detail Guyz for a Father’s day gift card and took advantage. They detailed the crap (probably literally) out of the car.

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