Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at OG Chan’s

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! I was VERY lucky to be invited tonight to a special family celebration at OG Chan’s because I mentioned to the owner that I was missing my family’s traditional Cantonese food.

All the OG owners of most of the Chinese restaurants in El Paso (YeYe’s Kitchen, Sam’s Bistro, OG Chan’s, China House, etc) were there since they all help one another and consider each other family. It’s awesome to see the folks behind the counters sit down and enjoy a meal together. That is what the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is all about…coming together and sharing a meal with family.

These are homely, everyday dishes that you would find at a Cantonese home, but it’s special because it takes skill to cook it well and traditionally.

We had the usual:

-Crab legs
-Roasted Pork

And the Cantonese dishes:

-Pork Rib Stew with Foo Jook and Chee Hou Sauce is simple homestyle Chinese cooking at its best. Foo Jook, or dried tofu skin, stewed with pork ribs and sweet Chee Hou sauce is a delicious comfort food combination.

-Hairy Gourd with Pork Ribs and Dried Scallop Soup. This soup is simple to make and is good for young and old due to its neutral nature.
-Fuzzy Melon in Dried Shrimp and Bean Threads.

Probably this is a dish every mother in Hong Kong will cook for her family. Dried shrimps and vermicelli are simple, inexpensive ingredients, and can be conveniently stocked up in kitchens. Yet, this is too well-known and basic that we seldom find it included in recipe books.

And last but not least, sharing a lotus seed flavored moon cake with a salted duck egg yolk to symbolize the full moon with a cup of baijiu. 🥮🍶

Everything was delicious and authentic. It made me miss my family but satisfied my cravings. I ate too much and have to roll on home. 😋

Thank you Mr. Chan and company for having us and making us feel like family! What a treat…🙇‍♀️
Have a great night everyone!

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