Octopus 🐙 Hair

Do you want easy mom hair that’s ready to go when you wake up? Get yourself an octopus 🐙 haircut. Looks great curled or straight and I wake up every morning ready to go cause it’s messy on purpose. 🤣

You can still have it long enough to pull back into a ponytail, but it’s layered enough to have a fringe in the front when you do. My hair isn’t heavy anymore and I love and recommend this new 2022 ‘do. 💁‍♀️

Last 2 pictures are my inspo that I showed to the stylist. I have a rounder face and bangs so we did a curtain middle part instead. ✂️

I have bangs and an undercut here. I literally have so much hair I’ve been wanting to cut it short again but hubby’s against it. I didn’t want him to buzz his hair since I’m the one who has to look at him all day so fair’s fair. He has to look at me so I left the length but cut the heaviness away. 😂

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Here’s my new octopus 🐙 haircut and highlights courtesy of Christy Ellison at (910) 709-5800.

Everything took about 3 hours and was $120 because she’s currently running a special for her new Westside location and is offering a free haircut with color special. Worth it! 💇‍♀️🤗

Full review coming soon at www.todoelpaso.com


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