Oh Snap! Snapology El Paso…

Is the class I wish I had when I was a kid. It combines all the things I was interested in but never got a chance to explore: engineering, puzzles, robotics, coding, and LEGOs. Kids got it made these days and especially my kids, since they love tinkering with these things, I figured I’d enroll them into the camp on the Eastside.

Snapology is only available as an after school program, stand alone camp, or for birthday parties. I had stopped by their new Discovery Center on the Eastside off Pellicano tucked away next to a Turf distribution center and it looked cool, but I didn’t get the concept at first.

I thought it was like a play area like an Urban Air or Xzone and it looked small and didn’t have a lot going on. I’ve never heard of them before and didn’t understand what the classes were like. They explained that they were like Young Rembrandts but STEM related instead of Arts related.

I decided to try their Fall Camp out since there was no way I can come after school from the Westside to the Eastside. The kids would also have to attend the elementary school that they have the classes at.

They had 3 days and each day had different classes. One was robotics and it was 3 hrs of instructor led projects (they had 2 per day). There were mostly older kids from 7-11 years old and a mix of both genders. My son LOVED it. They started at 9 and you basically dropped them off with a snack and now you have 3 glorious hours of kid free time while they learn and have fun!

My daughter was a little intimidated and she’s younger so I put her in the smaller classroom where she was able to do the other class, which was making LEGO art projects. The 2nd day they had a scavenger hunt, and by the 3rd day, she was confident enough to join the robotics class and hold her own with her brother.

It’s amazing what they can learn in such a short amount of time! Coding, explaining force and physics and even wiring and electrical work! And they’re doing it with LEGOs!

The classes are fun and the teachers sweet and engaging. They’re also a VERY good value as they had promotions at the Grand Opening and the classes were half off. Normal prices are around $80 each kid for the 3 days of workshop. The afternoon school classes run around 6 weeks once a week for $80-$100/kid.

They’re having another session in December that I’m going to try to enroll them in again. Classes fill up FAST! My kids are obsessed and they had so much fun the last time. I’m also trying to get them to come to the schools on the Westside as afternoon programs as well. I think that the skill sets they learn thru this program will help them in school as well.

I highly recommend this program if you have kids, try to check it out, even if it’s thru a birthday party, your kid will get hooked. Oh did I also mention that Bee’s Pastry Cafe is right in front of them? That’s where I spent the glorious kid free time, just eating and working, and getting happy fat from Puerto Rican specialities. So come and check them out, your kids will love you for letting them play and you will love not stepping on LEGOs while they do so.


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