Ohana Nails and Spa

Part of me doesn’t want to share this great nail shop, but they deserve all the exposure since it was such a great experience. 🙌

My nail guy moved to New York and so I had to find another nail tech that understands how to work with my ingrown nails and outgrown cuticles. I’m a nervous nail biter so I just kept it simple, but finding a good tech that is gentle and does a thorough job is hard and intimidating.

I saw Ohana Nails while driving in my neighborhood; it used to be a Martial Arts place and I was able to book an appointment online. It was so easy and convenient. I just basically filled my info in and found the best time. The prices were listed and very affordable for the Westside ($25 regular Manicure, $27 regular Pedicure). No credit card necessary.

I was greeted when I walked in and Brandy was ready for me, right on time, no wait. She offered me different beverages like tea, soda, coffee, juice, mimosas or margaritas! Momma needed to relax so I got a mimosa, and they don’t skimp let me tell you.🍹

The owner is professional and I noticed that a lot of the ladies there spoke Spanish which was really nice, since I can bring my mother-in-law. She has specific needs and it’s easier for her to express them in Spanish. Plus the music was banging.

Brandy had incredible nails and I was asking how she could work with them. She said it took some time but it’s nothing now. She was right she had the softest hands, and I barely felt her pushing it cutting my hangnails. The same thing with my pedicure. I was so relaxed and she asked for feedback throughout the entire process which made it really comfortable for me.

What I really appreciate was that she was quick, One of the quickest nail mani/pedi since she was very experienced. I didn’t need the extra stuff like hot towels or massage, I was basically there just to get my nails done and cleaned up and she did an absolutely amazing job.

Towards the end she asked me if I want to stay on the massage chair and just wait for my nails to dry, I appreciate that they didn’t rush me. I gave her a big tip to show my appreciation since she’s only been there for 2 weeks and I really want her to stay.

Ohana Nails and Spa

(915) 500-5008

5100 Doniphan Dr Suite B, El Paso, TX 79932



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