One Pill Can Kill

Please talk to your kids and warn them about these dangerous “candies” especially with Halloween coming up.

This is true.

The ‘One Pill Can Kill’ campaign is just so important to get the word out”, said Millard. “I’ve often said people may not use heroine, but they’d take a pill.”

The campaign is being promoted within civic groups, on post at Fort Bliss, at universities, and local schools.

Millard said the DEA has recently started seeing an increase in “rainbow fentanyl” which are fentanyl pastel-colored pills.

The DEA said this is a deliberate attempt to attract children and drive addiction.

To be clear it’s already happening in some instances.

No one said they were handing out drugs for free..

It’s a warning that kids may see it as candy and ingest them…

The Poison Center has received 64 calls about kids ages 5 and younger eating marijuana so far this year as of early August. That number is up from seven cases in 2019.

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