Rarity in El Paso

It’s rare to find a place that does creamy boba milk tea and fruit teas well, but Rare Tea excels in both!

I hosted a sneak peek with a couple of other foodies in the area and we got to try all different flavors. We learned that they freshly brew their 4 kinds of teas, and they only use 4 powders, the rest is all freshly made in house like their rose tea, which I got with matcha powder and it was a wonderful soothing blend. Their fruit teas like passion fruit and mango are made with real fruits and are refreshing to sip!

Their pastries are baked daily and shipped in from Las Cruces by a Parisian born chef. My favorite is the crystal boba, it’s not often a selection here in El Paso, so I’m really excited and always order it when I see it on the menu since I can’t make crystal boba at home.

Come check them out!

Rare Tea
(915) 234-2598
6450 Desert Blvd N g 104, El Paso, TX 79912

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