Star Burgers is the Star

I never understood the Gen Z phrase, “that food slaps” until I bit into a burger from Star Burgers and Fries. As corny as it sounds I’ve been chasing the truck and missing them like a star-crossed lover. Each time I would try to make it to Old Sheepdog, they wouldn’t be available or I saw they were sold out or it was too late at night at Papa Dobles.

I’m too old to stay up at night and they’re too much in demand to miss out on the late night munchies crowd. Like I said, star-crossed, BUT the stars aligned this past week when Tippin Elementary had their Pumpkinfest and they were one of the trucks that came out. I finally got to taste a star burger, and that food slapped hard.

This is how much I wanted to try it; their stove had some issues and I still waited for them to get ready ignoring all the other food trucks that were around and basically just pinning my hopes on that burger. It was worth the wait.

Now don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the perfect burger. The buns were still too soggy as every Texas bun I’ve tried (it’s soft Texas toast type bread that disintegrates with the touch of a sauce). And the hamburger meat was still a smashburger so not really fond of those since I like my burger meat juicy.

However, the combination of their homemade aoili sauce, the bacon, the meat, the fried onions… that combo was lethal and slapped my tastebuds so hard they were singing. I got the THE WESTERN OBI- Smash Pattys, American Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Bacon, Onion Rings, Bbq Sauce, Garlic Aioli

I think the different textures and flavors like sweet, creamy, garlicky, and smoky got me, well honestly it’s got me drooling again reliving eating that burger. Ruben at 4tacos4tacos4tacos is right, Chris the cook is an evil genius for his delicious creations.

It was a bit expensive, but came with very crispy homemade fries which my kids promptly stole and it was worth every penny. He just needs to open up an actual restaurant because now, for me, the Bounty hunt begins anew….

Star Burgers & Fries
(858) 232-4503

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