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The best massage I’ve ever received in my life was in Pattaya, Thailand. 2 tiny old Thai ladies gave me a traditional Thai massage on the floor and played me like Gumby. I swear I was pulled and stretched all directions and at the end of the 2 hours, I was as limp as a ragdoll. The best part was that it was $10 US Dollars. The worst was that I haven’t been able to replicate the experience here in the US, until now.

I’ve been alternatively going to a chiropractor ($50 each session) and massage ($60-$80 each session) to relieve my back pain since it can sometimes debilitate me and I can’t get out of bed. I also have an inversion table to help manage the pain. The chiro helped with the alignment of my spine, but it would go back in a couple of days because the muscles will pull it back out of alignment. Massage helps but it’s just skin deep. What I needed to do was something like yoga but honestly am too out of shape to hold any position longer than 20 secs.

I saw an ad for Stretch Zone and signed up for the free trial but was turned off my the $10 fee they wanted to charge to book the appointment, I mean is it free if it costs money? I sat on the offer for months and finally out of desperation one day when I pulled a muscle and couldn’t get into my chiro or a masseuse, I booked an appointment. Since they have 2 locations in El Paso and are fairly new, I was able to get in. They also have an app which will tell you what times are available, but more on that later. 

I walked into the session with pain and I couldn’t turn my head to the side because of a crick in my neck, and walked out with sheer relief. First off, everyone who works there is ridiculously nice, and not in a fake salesperson kind of way. They’re genuinely happy to be there helping people get relief and achieve their fitness goals. I saw all sorts of people, from older folks trying to maintain their flexibility, to top athletes trying to prevent injuries, to people like me who need a literal push.

The girl who did the demo made me feel at ease and they start you on the table with a wedge and only stretch you up to the number 3 (the real sessions use 3, 5, 7). The bed looks like an S & M contraption with straps and buckles, but in reality it works as an extra hand for the therapist. It helps hold you in position while they stretch you, kinda like the 2 Thai ladies, where one would pull me one way while the other pulled the opposite. It works, I tell you, after only one demo I was sold. 

I signed up the same day as the price wasn’t bad, the highest one was stand alone sessions at $60 each, but if you buy packages it can go as low as $30 a session. I immediately booked my 1st session after the demo and it was even better. Each session is different because it could be with a therapist you want or just have availability, I usually book last minute so I’m not particular about my therapist.


I’ve been with 4 different ones and they all are amazing. You start off by booking on the phone or the app, and my 1st one I accidentally booked it and cancelled within the 12 hours and they corrected it for me even though the policy is to forfeit the session if you cancel too close. What’s great is that the 2 locations are owned by the same owners so you can interchange if you want to go to the Eastside or Westside, which isn’t the same nationwide. 

When you start off your session, they ask you what your goals are and what you want to concentrate on. Then they start by warming you up, and muscle by muscle, they start targeting your ligaments and slowly stretch you with the 3, 5 , 7 system. It works so well and you get that feeling of not quite pain but just tension when they get to the 7 and it hurts so good. Once they release, you feel your blood flowing to the area and the tightness goes away, at least for me. It works better for me since it addresses the underlying condition of my muscles pulling my spine out of alignment.

I loved it so much I referred my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. My mother in law signed up since it helped her sciatica immensely. She would hobble around and after 2 sessions was able to stand straight without pain. 

I also learned I get free swag when I refer people like t-shirts and water bottles. I refer it though because I actually love the results. I’m not as grouchy (per hubby) because I’m in constant pain and I’m excited to get more exercise in because I’m not as scared to injure myself because I’m more flexible. So go check it out for yourself and help me level up to a towel or bag. LOL

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