Sushiing…on a conveyor belt

When you have less than 20 mins and feel like sushi, conveyor belt sushi will get you in and out quickly. It’s inexpensive with the plates being from $1.85-$4.75 and they just add up the colored plates once you’re done.

I’ve been there several times in the past and took my mother in law and kiddos on separate occasions so it’s always a hit or miss here.I wasn’t impressed the last time I went to Sushiing since the quality went down but decided to give it a chance again since I really wanted some seared salmon sushi and was in a rush.

To my pleasant surprise the plating and quality VASTLY improved and upon thanking the chef,. realized it was someone I knew from Tsunami Sushi in the Northeast! No wonder the quality improved so much, from the cuts to the rice to the plating. I asked him why he changed locations and he said he wanted steadier hours to be there for his toddler.

Conveyor belt sushi is a more controlled experience with the food ready to go for the clients and continuously made fresh all day. It’s more work, but they won’t get backed up as much with orders.

I’m really happy for him and happy that the food has improved so much. That goes to show you that in this environment, having the right employees matter and a place that you might have written off might have changed for the better.

Come check out the conveyor belt sushi spot. I know my kids had a blast in the past looking at it go past like a train and it’s really good for groups since you can just grab the food when it comes by you and immediately start eating.

SUSHI ING Japanese Restaurant
(915) 304-0044
8855 Viscount Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925

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