Los Aguachiles…Numero Dos

My friend took me to a belated birthday lunch…on my husband’s birthday. That made it oh so sweeter because he always complains I celebrate a birthday month instead of a […]

My friend took me to a belated birthday lunch…on my husband's birthday. That made it oh so sweeter because he always complains I celebrate a birthday month instead of a day and his falls right after Valentine's so he always gets a little gypped.

I've been to the Los Aguachiles off Mesa before which has their amazing $1 fish tacos and $2 Tecates after 4pm, but we went to the new location for lunch off Cimarron.

It's a gorgeous location and honestly a lot more upscale with pricing to match. Cocktails start around $9 and dishes are around the $15-$40 range. The tacos and tostadas are individual sized and around $5 each. This is trendy Mexican seafood with an atmosphere to match. From the big upside boat to the mural to the amazingly huge mirror on the wall facing the bathroom, it's got the vibe down.

They started us off with some salsas and chips. My friend ordered the $15 mariscos cocktail which was very generously served with shrimp, octopus, tomatoes and cucumbers in a light tomato broth. It wasn't overpowering, but light and refreshing. It came with limes and Maggi soy and hot sauces. You can definitely optimize it to your taste. In fact, that's the running theme of the food I think. Very lightly flavored and you can then add condiments to make it your own.

I ordered 3 different tostadas, from my favorite to least. My favorite is the mangoneada which had tuna and mangos in a champy sauce on top of a red tostada. It's definitely El Paso inspired and the flavors really work well together.

My 2nd favorite was the Asian inspired one called the Baja which had seared tuna with wasabi sauce on a fried wonton tostada. It wasn't as well seasoned and the wonton chip was really oily.

My least favorite was the one we both thought we would like. The Keto tostada had octopus, olive oil, sesame seeds and a bunch of other cool sounding ingredients, and I saved it for last because it looked so dark and well seasoned I didn't want to overpower the other dishes. Well it fooled us because it was bland bland bland! The charred octopus taste actually left an acrid taste in my mouth and I had to put a lot of soy sauce to make it taste decent. The texture of the octopus was ok though.

Because of the charred aftertaste I ended up ordering a $9 Pirata (Puerto Rican) and it was sooo good! Creamy with a combo of milk and coconut and rum, it was really refreshing and just perfect.

The waitress was eager to please but didn't really know much about the menu besides the Aguachiles Sinaloa which I really want to try next time. The coolest part was that you can pay with your phone! Total for all the food and drinks was only $45+tip!

I'm definitely bringing my mother in law here, I'm hoping she'll want to go here instead of Julio's next door in the future. Good food, good drinks, and good service, in a chic atmosphere, this is an awesome addition to the Cimarron area!

Los Aguachiles
(915) 234-2921
7470 Cimarron Market Ave,
El Paso, TX 79911

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