Mr. Combi and the Combos

Sometimes you just need something simple and delicious. I wrote about them a couple of times AND got them to come out for Tippin Elementary’s Fall Festival where they promptly […]

Sometimes you just need something simple and delicious. I wrote about them a couple of times AND got them to come out for Tippin Elementary's Fall Festival where they promptly sold out. Let me tell you about these combos…and Mr. Combi. THE ONLY NEGATIVE IS THAT HE'S ONLY THERE ON SATURDAYS. 🙁


After eating at higher end restaurants I realized I'm a simple-pleasures kinda girl. I like to talk to people as they're cooking and just the experience of getting to know people waiting in line for food.

Food truck gatherings are my favorite places to get food from and El Paso has some of the best I've found anywhere in the world. The vendors take the best of the food truck scene here and add their own El Paso/Borderland friendliness reminiscent of outdoor markets I've gone to in China, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, Peru, Thailand etc. The culture here is of generosity, they're proud of their food and they want to stuff your face with it.

I found such a market here on the Westside tonight off Paseo Del Norte in the Brake Master lot. There was a flautas truck, Mr. Combi, who converted a VW Bus and drove it from Mexico City. His flautas (beef or potatoes) is super fresh, light, and crispy. The sauces are really good and clearly homemade. I got the beef and potatoes combo ($8) which comes with a soda. He also has one in a cup which he called a riff on Chico's tacos, the Chuco ($4), it had an amazing tomato based sauce that was out of this world. Definitely recommend this place and it was busy with people in line from Hawaii waiting to get their fix of El Paso food.

Next to him was an elotes truck. I think they're called Elotes El Rey? And the sons were continuing the traditional corn on the cob and in a cup (esquites) that they learned from their dad. I didn't get to try but will do next time since a customer showed me his and it looked so good.

Then there's the bacon hot dog stand, they have the hot dogs where you basically take a dog and add the whole enchilada, or kitchen sink. The owners are from Sonora and are as sweet as can be. It's crazy how much they actually fit inside the thing. You can customize it to how you like it. Definitely different from a Dodger dog, but delicious. It's $8 with a soda and chips for all that food.

I can tell these trucks are a neighborhood favorite as families come over after shopping at Walmart and there's a ton of fast food around, but they represent their homemade local food well, so people find them and flock to them. They're also open super late and only gathers on Saturdays from 5pm-midnight. So for the ones looking for awesome food late at night on the Westside, this is the spot you. Come out and #supportlocal and oh I forgot they all do catering as well so you can hire them I guess for events.

7810 Paseo del Norte


Had to come back for their “Chuco style” flautas. They're addicting as heck! 😋
Here til 11pm tonight only.
Mr. Combi

7810 Paseo Del Norte

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