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Remember that your vote and your voice matters. The county commissioners want to build a $3 million sculpture at Ascarate Park and the All Abilities Playground MOB group is still […]

Remember that your vote and your voice matters.

The county commissioners want to build a $3 million sculpture at Ascarate Park and the All Abilities Playground MOB group is still asking for donations since inflation is up…see the disconnect?

$3 Million for a statue vs having a play area for all children, something that will naturally attract tourists like in other cities.

How about spending that money on our vulnerable senior citizens…they can add that budget line item to the senior citizens Nutrition Program? It will definitely help with the inflationary pressures to help supplement their meals!

A senior nutrition program providing a 1/3 Required Dietary Allowance noon time meal to El Pasoans 60 years of age or older.

It's disingenuous to say that it will be funded by donations and grants…Read it carefully, it's not just donations and grant money.
“However, several commissioners acknowledged that county employees and public funds will be needed to build the sculpture and that an analysis and public input is needed before the project proceeds as other artists might want to participate.”

As well as maintenance costs over time, guess who foots that bills as well? Taxpayers of course…

So email or call the county and make sure that they know that if they're spending your hard earned tax money, it shouldn't be on a vanity project which wasn't even bidded on openly “proposed sculpture designed by sculptor Pedro Francisco Rodrigez was not bidded out”. That means there weren't open competition or discussion for other artists.

I attended their Zoom meeting to discuss Ascarate Park, rather the renaming of it and the majority of the citizens were against it and they still went ahead with the planning of it. The disconnect and elitism showed plainly. The only way to make our concerns heard is to show up, raise our voices, and vote, since 3 of them are up for election this November 2022

Here are the emails:

Ricardo Samaniego
[email protected]

Carlos Leon
[email protected]

David Stout
[email protected]

Iliana Holguin
[email protected]

Carl Robinson
[email protected]

Here's the original story:

It’s shameful that a Farmer’s Market has to step in and fill the void to help small businesses in the region instead of our County Commission voting to use our taxpayers to help future business owners (and add to the tax base I might add)…

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