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Ghost 👻…kitchen! Urbano Food Group

So Yelp is doing something different and highlighting a ghost kitchen. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the new trend that’s accelerated during the pandemic with so many […]

So Yelp is doing something different and highlighting a ghost kitchen. If you don't know what it is, it's the new trend that's accelerated during the pandemic with so many people mobile ordering food.

A ghost kitchen is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals. Some ghost kitchens have allowed takeout meals or included drive-throughs. They do not include a storefront or indoor seating for customers. It's basically like a food truck experience, without the lines. You order online and pickup or have it delivered.

Since Urbano is located in the East and only delivers 8 miles away, I had to order for pickup from the Westside. The instructions Lisa our Yelp community manager sent were clear and easy to understand. We got a code for $12 worth of food (sandwich, drinks, etc) and everything else was on us.

The site was a bit tricky to get to since it has to be www (the EP part threw me off a little), but going thru the ordering part was easy since Lisa told us to get the Pampas blend. I was able to order a Mandalay Palms smoothie, a Urbano sandwich, and a limeade with totaled $16.25 before tax (with the discount it came out to be like $4.25 and I gave the lady a $3 cash tip).

Before you can order, they ask for your cell phone to text you a code to verify. I was surprised when I was able to order without paying upfront (cash pickup).

Pickup was easy and I realized I made a mistake when they texted me when my order would be ready. I called and told them I made a mistake and ordered for pickup 1 hour earlier than I wanted. I was happy to hear a human on the other line when I called and she assured me it was fine and I can come at the time I wanted.

The building they're in is a pretty drab office building and they're located in the back. There were signs showing us that they were inside and I quickly parked and was handed the items and paid. There were several pickup orders behind me from delivery services at 2pm on a random Thursday so they're popular. The kitchen looked clean and modern and everything was very well packaged.

The sandwich was everything you want a sandwich to be, light and satisfying. The bread was toasted to perfection, the layers well thought out and the ingredients meshed well to compliment each other. I liked that I got to customize it and it was a well balanced sandwich. I inhaled mine in the car, and it was packaged so well, I didn't spill anything. The smoothie was not as good since the vanilla powder kind of ruined the natural sweetness of the fruit. I could taste the fruit, but it was so chunky and gritty because of the powder. I wouldn't order this again…maybe without the powder it would be better. The limeade was delicious and refreshing. I sipped a little and handed it over to my daughter who promptly claimed it for herself. It was tart, freshly squeezed and just the right amount of sweet. I would order that again.

All in all, this was a great experience and I'm glad that Yelp let us try a unique experience. We also got a Yelp bag with candies and stickers and I especially loved the popcorn ball. Never had it before. Oh and they gave us some nerd ground coffee I'm hyped to try for my cold brew. If I'm craving a good sandwich or a refreshing drink I now know where to go! Thanks Lisa for highlighting this space!

Urbano Food Group Virtual Kitchen
7400 Viscount Blvd STE. Lower Level, El Paso, TX 79925


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