Greetings District 1,

Noise has been an issue in some of the neighborhoods in District 1.  Residents have reached out to my office seeking guidance on how to report this kind of complaint.  Our special guests for the November Community Meeting are the El Paso Police Department and Legal Department.  You can attend this meeting in person/virtual and have the opportunity to raise questions.

The current noise ordinance in the City of El Paso was approved by the City Council in 2019.  During the meeting, the guest speakers will explain what are the procedures for an officer to write a citation in regards to noise complaints and answer questions from residents. I hope you can attend

District 1 November Community Meeting

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 6 pm

Location: Westside Regional Command Center

4801 Osborne Dr.

El Paso, Texas 79922


Peter Svarzbein

City Representative, District 1/Mayor Pro Tempore

300. N. Campbell St.

El Paso, Texas 79901


P.S. District 1 is collecting toys and canned goods during the Holidays.  Reynolds Home will be the recipient of these donations.  This nonprofit organization offers shelter to battered women and their children.  If you are planning on attending our November Community Meeting, share kindness and bring a donation. We will appreciate it.  Thank you!

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