Burgers for Blankets

Bring your new or gently used blankets and receive a burger, chips and a beverage.

So every year I seem to end up with more blankets that take up more space and storage. It's mostly because my husband is warm blooded and is a sadist who puts the temperature at the lowest possible degrees. In response, I have blankets at strategic outposts in each room to warm me up.

I have now graduated to a Huggie blanket, which is basically a wearable throw. As such, I wanted to not just fill a landfill up with gently used blankets. I was planning on donating to the animal shelters since they're the only ones taking used items right now because of COVID.

I saw a notice on the Nextdoor app about the Westside Command Center El Paso Police department asking for donations for the Coalition for the Homeless. They're accepting gently used blankets, coats and best of all as a mom, stuffed animals!!! My daughter's collection has been sitting in a net waiting on her to play with them. It's now a hazard and dust collection more than anything else.

I asked her if she wanted to donate her stuffies to others and being that she's been naughty and wanted to score some easy brownie points with the old St. Nick, she happily agreed and got to sorting out the ones she wanted to keep or donate. We ended up with half and filled up a whole trash bag.

If you're looking to donate gently used blankets, stuffies, or even coats, stop by the Command Center, they're happy to accept them until the 17th of December. Plenty of time for you to make room for more presents for the holidays and also bless others in need.

El Paso Police Department-Command 4801 Osborne Dr, El Paso, TX 79922
(915) 212-0370

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