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Boba…Mi Amor

It’s true, Boba is my love and I’ve found my BOBA BAE at Boba Mi Amor. They do it right here. Most people think that it’s called “bubble tea” because […]

It's true, Boba is my love and I've found my BOBA BAE at Boba Mi Amor.
They do it right here.

Most people think that it's called “bubble tea” because of the boba tapioca balls, but it's not. It's actually because of the foam that “bubbles” up when the tea, syrups, and cream mix together and become airy and frothy. This place nails the foam. They also have somehow duplicated the correct texture and temperature of the tapioca balls.

In Asia, and other places in the U.S with a large Asian diaspora, when you order boba tea, unlike here in El Paso, the tapioca balls are warm, slighty chewy, and has a lingering sweetness. It's supposed to stand out in texture and taste from the actual liquid it's suspended in (milk tea, Thai tea, taro milk tea, etc) even if the drink is cold, the boba is warm.

I haven't had the pleasure of having authentic boba milk tea in El Paso, until I tried Boba Mi Amor's. Turns out, the owners have lived in China and travelled around Asia and have taken courses on traditional boba milk teas. They wanted to bring an artisanal experience to El Paso and like a lot of tea shops in the Asian community they're also open late from 11:30am-9pm.

I tried their Thai Milk Tea with Boba and Coffee Jelly and their Jasmine Boba Milk Tea.

Their Thai Milk Tea might be my favorite drink as it's perfectly sweet. The coffee jelly was a stark and sharp contrast to the soft chewiness of the boba. I don't think I would combine those 2 again as the texture was odd and too jarring. They use compostable straws and the servings are generous.

The Jasmine Milk Tea was really good, usually with Jasmine tea, there's an tannin finish, but it's smoothed out with the creaminess of the half and half. The tea wasn't overly sweet and you can taste the delicate tea flavor. There's no powders or artificial flavors here. They hand steep their teas, they cook their bobas daily (which means they might run out), and their simple syrup and dairy blends are made in house.

The owners are proud of their craft and wanted to bring the authentic boba house experience they found in Asia with a El Paso twist, so be on the lookout for some new flavors that celebrates that and they will have something soon that I've been craving…sea salt cheese foam!!! I'm also trying to convince them to make boba ice cream and sandos in addition to the Taiyaki that they make in house.

Come check them out and #supportlocal. Prices are fair ($5+) and they decor is IG-worthy.

You'll probably see me there as I get my back cracked next door (which is why I've been patiently stalking their Grand Opening).

Boba Mi Amor
7226 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 433-5118


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