Getting Wrecked at Weck’s El Paso

I’ve been waiting to try out New Mexico breakfast favorite, Weck’s, which opened in El Paso 3 days ago. It’s open from 7am-2pm on the Westside off Mesa where the […]

I've been waiting to try out New Mexico breakfast favorite, Weck's, which opened in El Paso 3 days ago. It's open from 7am-2pm on the Westside off Mesa where the old Souper Salad location is. The location might be old, but the staff is definitely new, numerous, and EAGER. I don't know what they pay or how they got so many workers, but I swear I must have counted over 35 workers in the space of an hour I was there. My friend even remarked how crowded it was…from the workers, not from customers. They were so friendly and fast. From the people that opened our doors, to the many waiters that stopped by our table for menus, water refills, they definitely were eager to serve.

The menu was extensive, from breakfast favorites like eggs benedict, to their papas bowls (potato bowls). A lot of the items had their famous green chiles in the ingredients, and there's actually a table up front dedicated to selling the canned goods. I was looking forward to trying out their green chile since I love them as an added ingredient whenever I visit the Shed or Dion's in New Mexico. I ordered the New Mexico eggs Benedict and it came with hash browns.  I got the kids funny face pancakes which came with a drink for my daughter. My friend ordered french toast and a waffle for her child. To simplify I'll make a Pros and Cons list.


-the portions are generous (you won't leave hungry and probably have a to go box, which they automatically provided when we got our check).

-you pay up front like Denny's and Village Inn, which is nice because they're not hounding you to pay.

-the drinks are HUGE if you get the large (it's like the size of a slurpee).

-the service and food was fast.

-unlimited coffee.

-there's something for everyone.

-the hashbrowns were perfect (buttery, crisp on the outside, steamy and smooth on the inside).


-booths are SMALL, I shared it with my 5 yr old and our elbows were jabbing each other.

-there were so many empty booths, but they decided to seat everyone together in a cluster (no social distancing) and we felt bad because our kiddos were loud. It was even more bizarre because the waiters had to pass like 7 tables to get to us, so it's not because it was easier to service everyone. Hopefully they work this out since they're new.

-the items were confusing since they don't come with the items you're used to at other breakfast establishments. The sides are hash browns  whereas usually it comes with a protein like sausage or bacon. I'm not sure if it's a New Mexico thing or just supply chain issues but 4 strips of bacon is around $5 add on.

-it can get pretty pricey with add ons, that are standard, so feeding an entire family can be expensive compared to a buffet like Golden Corral (which offers pretty comparable quality minus the green chile).

-they upcharge $1 for “flavored coffee” which basically tastes the same if you added flavored creamer. The regular coffee is weak and tepid.

-the heartbreak to me was the green and red chile sauces. I'm hoping it's an anomaly; it was mildly spicy, but flavorless. Nothing disappoints more than a rich dark sauce tasting BLAND. It's maybe toned down for the masses, but comeon, you're in El Paso now, the bigger and bolder the flavor, the better you'll do. Dion's and the Shed in New Mexico doesn't tone it down, and their green chile is amazeballs, the kind you drive 30 mins out of El Paso for.

As far as competition and market goes, this is a direct competitor to Village Inn with New Mexico ingredients, with the same price points, better than a Denny's. I think that for bang for your buck, Golden Corral's breakfast buffet can't be beat, and the other El Paso brunch places we have like Ripe, Crave, Salt & Honey, Joe & Vinny, etc can be at ease, since their quality exceeds what Weck's offers.

Upshot is that I'll probably come here again, it's a great addition to our local scene and is a bit of our NM neighbor without having to drive.
Come out and let me know what you think of this new addition!

Weck's El Paso
7019 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912

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