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The location next to Franklin High school finally opened and I’m super happy they did since they had to sell their food truck and close the taiyaki location at Cielo Vista because the mall didn’t let them sell boba, just taiyaki.

The owner told me, when I noticed that his number was a 714 area code on the receipt, that they lived in Southern California for a time and that’s where his wife fell in love with boba and when they moved back here they couldn’t find a good spot so they just opened one themselves.

After starting off with a food truck selling boba and then selling taiyaki, they thought they could consolidate the locations at the Cielo Vista location as they were told they could sell boba after a year lease, but when the year came due, the mall told them the other boba store had exclusivity on selling boba and so they ended the lease and opened up this store on the Westside.

I guess this side of town benefited because the food and drinks are really good. It definitely reminds me of Southern California Taiwanese style boba after school spots where kids can hang out, but with an El Paso twist with the tostalocos and of other chamoy flavored items. The only bad thing is that it’s also California prices ($20 for a drink and snack) but I think it’s true of inflation nowadays, but I’m sure the high school kids will still come.

I got the 6 mini taiyakis with strawberry jelly filling and they were made fresh and were so warm and fluffy! I was surprised it also came with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and lechera! Definitely great portion control and sharable.

I also got the Tiger Brown Sugar Milk Tea with boba. The brown sugar flavor is right on the nose, not too sweet but not quite caramel, it’s a nice toasted flavor. The drink itself is half frozen which was unexpected and kinda hard to drink without waiting for it to melt to get the boba. The boba was nicely flavored but hard in the middle.

They have shaved ice and upcoming items such as sweet and savory kolaches which I’m looking forward to as I ate them all the time in Houston.

They’re open late and also have a stamp card. It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad they’re now open so come out and #supportlocal!

Formula Drinks

810 E Redd Rd A, El Paso, TX 79912

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