I was listening to Macklemore and funnily enough came across a funky thrift shop the same day wandering Downtown El Paso.

🎶I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I, I, I’m hunting, looking for a come-up
This is f* awesome🎶

It truly is awesome. The hallway is a bit creepy with the drippy smiley faces, but it’s super clean and well organized. There’s a section for refreshed shirts redesigned with their logo and if you buy one they plant a tree.

The service was superb, she explained the sales racks, and the different sales going on. The prices were a bit high, but there’s a big bin in the corner where if you’re willing to dig, you can find some treasures.

It was 3 for $10 and I got some almost new Tshirts for my son and a Rocawear jacket for myself. My friend got some cute vintage Disney shirts and sweaters for her trip to Disney this summer. My friend also found a $2 ring and I was highly tempted to buy a $25 Fendi bag that has the strap redone.

I highly recommend stopping at the store to explore. Even just for the super cute wall outside for a photo op. We need more fun and cute little stores like this downtown and beyond!

While I’m speaking of thrifting, I really want to discourage you from shopping at SHEIN especially. The business is not ethical or sustainable (there are several articles on Google). There have been allegations of child labor, and they have repeatedly been accused of stealing designs from small businesses and individuals.

Their products are found with dangerous levels of lead and other toxic chemicals. Their packaging is wasteful, as each individual item comes in its own zipped bag (that’s a lot of plastic). The amount of new products SHEIN releases every week can never be sustainable for our planet, as it leads consumers to see their clothes as disposable and adds to even more waste from the garment industry that ends up in landfill.

So, what’s an alternative? I suggest buying fewer, but quality, ethical, sustainable products. Support locally owned, small businesses. And, my favorite, buy resale! Over the past 5 years I’ve become a fan of all types of resale stores. You wouldn’t believe the gems I’ve found in these places. You can find some really quality, name brand pieces that are gently used (sometimes new), at a significant discount. It’s a greener alternative and also super budget friendly.

My friends and I also have clothing swap parties. Everyone brings what they don’t want and we organize it by size. You bring some and take some. Some people even bring purses and jewelry that they don’t use anymore or even kitchen items.

THRFT Store Vintage
(915) 300-0172
321 E San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

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