Tuscan Cattle Chianina Burger Bliss

This is literally my perfect burger. 🙏

Just a Chianina beef medium rare hand formed patty, American cheese, an over easy egg, bacon, and lettuce, tomatoes, and onions with a smear of ketchup to cut the fattiness on a toasted brioche bun that holds up to the sauces and doesn’t fall apart.

Yes I can wax poetic about this burger but the fact that I can never finish one is sad and true since they give you a double handful like an honest burger joint should. If I keep this up, the Christmas miracle will be me getting my jeans buttoned. I love fatty fat fat foods. 🤶

This is at @tuscancattle who spammed the crap out of my groups before I kicked the dude out and then met the owner who put a stop to it. Literally it held me back from finding about this burger sooner so it was the opposite of marketing and attracting, that dude was repelling people from coming to the place.

I still hold a grudge about it because again, this is my perfect burger (it’s a built your own burger for $9) and comes with fries and chips. 🍔

Tuscan Premium Meats
(915) 219-9911
6415 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912

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